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Vaginal Repair

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What is Vaginal Repair Surgery?

Vaginal repair surgery is technically referred to as "colporrhaphy," and may also be referred to as "vaginal relaxation," surgery, vaginoplasty, vaginal tightening surgery, and more recently, the Vaginal Tuck.

The purpose of vaginal repair surgery is to "lift" and strengthen the walls of the vagina and restores the proper support for the vagina after a patient has been diagnosed with a "prolapse."

There are several types of "pelvic organ prolapse" which may require vaginal repair such as Uterovaginal Prolapse. Uterovaginal Prolapse occurs when the ligaments that supports the vagina and uterus have weakened and have been stretched due to childbirth and age. While one type of prolapse may be more obvious than another, all the ligaments and muscles of the pelvic floor are interconnected and usually it is necessary to strengthen the entire pelvic floor support structure, as not correcting one prolapse in one area of a woman's pelvic floor, will oftentimes lead to prolapse in another area.

Vaginal relaxation or "vaginoplasty," is typically a 60 to 90 minute out-patient surgical procedure that tightens the vagina and surrounding muscles and soft tissues. This surgery restores a woman's vagina to its pre-childbirth size and increases friction during intercourse which results in increased sexual satisfaction for both the woman and her partner.

Vaginal Relaxation surgical procedure is required when the vagina's pelvic support and ligaments are stretched to the point that there is a loss of vaginal tone, tightness, strength and control. Even before a woman has been diagnosed with Vaginal Relaxation by her doctor, she and her husband/partner will have already noticed her vagina has become loose, and slack, and noticed a decrease in sensation during intercourse. This is due to the supporting muscles and ligaments of the vagina have become stretched or torn during vaginal childbirth. These muscles and ligaments supporting the vagina do not return to their pre-pregnancy state. Unfortunately, after childbirth, a woman's loose vagina and loss of sensation during intercourse is so severe that this leads to reduced sexual satisfaction for both her and him, and may lead to marital problems and resentment. Even worse, the emotional distress from vaginal relaxation may lead to loss of self-esteem and confidence and can result in fear of entering new relationships, guilt, self-blame and/or depression.

It's also very common to notice, after vaginal childbirth, that "vaginal air" is trapped in the vagina, and expelled as "vaginal wind" causing annoyance and embarrassment, especially during sexual intercourse. The same applies for the vagina when water is "trapped" when bathing, causing water to leak out from the vagina, long after leaving the bath or swimming pool.

Fortunately, surgery to correct Vaginal Relaxation is a highly successful and common procedure which restores the vagina and its stretched or damaged supporting muscles and ligaments, and the vagina is immediately reduced size, resulting in increased tone, control and tightness, allowing more friction and return of sensation for her and her husband/partner, during sexual intercourse.




Vaginal Repair

The Site

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